• Expedition Update: Day 8
    Really good day for the team – crossing their first big distance landmark at 81ºS, and a nearly 22km day overall. Conditions were relatively calm resulting in good progress. For the first time Lucy described it as “A really good day” and for those of you that know her, that’s right at the top end of the scale of Lucy judging things, so really good to hear she think’s it’s going well! Lucy and the team were keen to hear the updates on Mike Horne and Borge Ousland’s winter trip across the […]
  • Expedition Update: Day 7
    Update from Lucy last night after a good 21.4km day (the longest so far, again): Really good couple of days. Clear skies, mild to moderate winds and made good mileage. Hoping to pass 81 degrees south tomorrow! Although the map makes it look simple, the team are working round quite a lot of terrain on the glacier, they’ve had a bunch of hills to negotiate and they can’t yet just head in a straight line south. That said, things are going well, Lucy reports some pretty tired feet which […]
  • Expedition Update: Day 6
    A fairly uneventful day in Antarctica for the team. Best distance in the day so far, and hopefully they’ll be continuing to increase daily distance from here as they get used to the routine and now they are out of the trickier terrain. […]
  • Expedition Update: Day 5
    Still quite a windy day for the team, but a full day’s skiing. Conditions still quite challenging, with 20-25 kt winds (see: normal for Antarctica) but Lucy found it good to be out of the tent. The wind makes it quite tough and cold, but good progress for the day, and still an improvement in daily distance at nearly 20km. Some challenging ground conditions with unexpected sastrugi too, which you wouldn’t normally expect this early in the trip (see: normal for Antarctica again…) Normal for […]
  • Expedition Update: Day 1
    Update from Lucy: Finally under way. Covered about 7.5 nautical miles most of which was some of the biggest climbs we will have out here with heaviest sleds.  First days we are going shorter so only 6 hrs today while we get used to everything. Feeling real sense of accomplishment. Now sitting melting snow in sun!  And from Hywel: And we all thought it was going to be simple in concept; get to the ice, point south & start walking. On top of the steep coastal slopes, the terrain […]


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