• Return Journey update #2
    Lucy’s back in Chile and starting her journey back to the UK. This means she’s had the opportunity to send a photo across. Presenting…. Lucy & the South Pole. […]
  • Lucy return journey update #1
    I am writing this from the back seat of a Kenn Borek Air Twin Otter, taking me away from the South Pole back to Union Glacier Camp. I have spent 5 years trying to get to the Pole and now I am done and leaving it behind me. Flying back over the pristine white landscape that I just skied over. After 53 days of skiing over 1000km we arrived at South Pole camp on Saturday 18th January at just after 11 am Chilean time (2 pm London). The camp site is about 300m from the actual Pole and I was […]
  • At The Pole update: Day 53
    Distance covered today: 16.75kmDistance to go: 0kmTotal distance travelled: 1,132.46km Lucy’s at the south pole! More detailed update to follow… […]
  • Expedition update: Day 52
    89.9ºS: 22.29km covered Total distance travelled: 1,116 km Distance to the pole: 16.75km By the time you read this Lucy will already be up and skiing to the pole. Conditions appear more than sufficient for them to make it today, and they are aiming to reach the polar camp at 10:30 their time. On their way in they will deviate from the direct line to the pole (in fact you can already see this on the last degree map today, as with the research activities around the pole, the access routes for […]
  • Expedition update: Day 51
    89.7ºS, 22.7 travelled 21.5 nautical miles (39.8 km) to go. 590 nautical miles (1,093 km) travelled to date. Lucy got her head in the game and really enjoyed yesterday, her last full day before the vestiges of human occupation start turning up and interrupting the big white blankness that she’s been in (with a brief interruption at the skiway at Thiels) for the last 50-odd days. At some point today the south pole station will come into sight and Lucy will start seeing buildings again and […]


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