Expedition Update: Day 20

83.4ºS,  24.9km covered

After an unscheduled day in the tent – an abundance of caution with Christian, the guide, not feeling 100% the team got back on it. Lucy reports having felt “not great” all day, but the numbers say otherwise, and they covered a decent distance on a day which still had a fair amount of lumpy terrain.

This is pretty standard for Lucy –  she’d come back from training walks saying things hand’t gone well, and we’d then look at the GPX track and discover she’d smashed it.

They are out and skiing today, so back to the normal routine.

If you want to see some photos of how things look out there Mollie Hughes (@molliejhughes / https://www.instagram.com/molliejhughes ) has some great photos from a previous expedition today. She’s some distance ahead and also has some good info on how conditions will change ahead.

Many thanks all for the recent donations – they’re really helping with Lucy’s motivation!