Expedition update: Day 37

87.0ºS, 25.3km covered

A solid 13-and-a-half nautical mile day; conditions still not back to what were, in hindsight, really, really good conditions in the week leading up to the cache point at theils. That said, lucy was feeling pretty strong and is happy with the result. 

Her frustration with hills is showing as she’s counting down the remaining vertical metres to the pole rather than distance.

Now, in a change from normal, a direct message from me rather than Lucy:

Hywel here. If you know Lucy you will know she is a planner. guess what happens when you give her lots of head space while skiing to the South Pole… 

She is already planning some kind of event when she gets back. It will be to raise money for IBCN and involve wine and her telling you all about her trip.  

Early stage planning at the moment but if anyone has access to a London venue that can take about 50 people and is either free or cheap let me know.

Can be a big board room or a bar- we want to keep costs down so as much of the money raised as possible goes straight to IBCN 

(And no. That’s not the only thing she’s tried to plan while she’s out there.)