Christmas update: Day 28

85.1ºS, Scheduled rest day

Happy Xmas from Thiels Corner, Antarctica!

I am technically over half way to the South Pole now, which is pretty exciting and daunting, all at the same time. We have made really good progress and got here in 25 days of skiing, 28 days total. Still feeling really good physically and mentally. 

As predicted, mental side is the toughest- not thinking too far ahead and enjoying the moment. As with everything – life is too short not to! I just remember that I am choosing to be here and incredibly privileged so it is time to JFDI (as my dad would say).

Just being at Thiels is something I have dreamed and read about for years and is quite overwhelming, a tear or two of joy may have been shed! We arrived in the evening of 23rd December and had a rest day on 24th and this Xmas morning. Should set off skiing again about 2 pm local time.  

This is a great place for a rest- there is even an indoor toilet! Somewhere to sit finally!!

It is primarily here for guests flying through on Twin Otter planes that use Thiels as a refuelling stop but hey, I will use it too! Two planes landed yesterday and seeing people outside our team was a sensory overload. Luckily, I wasn’t even a little bit tempted to just grab a lift.

The sun has come back out for us again after a couple of cloudy snowy days that made it hard to see- tough but we  kept good mileage. Looking forward to getting back out there and back into daily routine (the routine actually keeps me sane and grounded). On to the Pole!

As always thank you so much for all your support and if you haven’t already donated you still can. If you were going to buy me a Xmas present- donate instead!