Expedition update: Day 44

88.3ºS, 24.1km covered

Another tough sastrugi day, so another really good result.

The guys further ahead haver reported that today *should* be the last day of the really tough sastrugi for Lucy. As an additional challenge at over 30ºC below it’s now really cold, even for Antarctica.

Assuming they have no other days in the tent it’s looking like Lucy will reach the pole in just over a week, so a bit of finish line focus is starting to creep in.

It’s now been a solid two weeks of tough conditions – since the resupply at Thiels near 85ºS they’ve had soft, slow snow in 85 & 86ºS, and then sastrugi through 86 87 and into 88ºS, Lucy’s looking forward to something just *slightly* less tough for a bit…