Expedition update: Day 51

89.7ºS, 22.7 travelled

21.5 nautical miles (39.8 km) to go.

590 nautical miles (1,093 km) travelled to date.

Lucy got her head in the game and really enjoyed yesterday, her last full day before the vestiges of human occupation start turning up and interrupting the big white blankness that she’s been in (with a brief interruption at the skiway at Thiels) for the last 50-odd days.

At some point today the south pole station will come into sight and Lucy will start seeing buildings again and starting the gradual process of return to civilisation.

The forecast looks stable for the next few days with stable winds at 16km/h, generally clear or clearish skis and stable temperatures at -26ºC (-36ºC with wind chill), so it’s looking like there should be about a 1 3/4 days left to ski, hoping to finish early afternoon expedition time.