Expedition update: Day 52

89.9ºS: 22.29km covered

Total distance travelled: 1,116 km

Distance to the pole: 16.75km

By the time you read this Lucy will already be up and skiing to the pole. Conditions appear more than sufficient for them to make it today, and they are aiming to reach the polar camp at 10:30 their time.

On their way in they will deviate from the direct line to the pole (in fact you can already see this on the last degree map today, as with the research activities around the pole, the access routes for non-governmental visitors are limited.

The team will aim for a point 1 nautical mile from the pole, at 89º59’0” S, 16º0’0”W; the west waypoint. They will then turn right, ski half a nautical mile to the ALE polar camp, get brunch, and after that, ski the final distance to the pole.

Crossing the fingers everything stays according to plan….